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Farm Fresh Friday #7


Obviously most of these Farm Fresh Friday posts are going to be written on Saturdays, but I refuse to give up the alliteration, so you guys are just going to have to humor me. Thank you. On with the post:

Basically, we’re loving life. I think I am really suited for this small town-country-farm life. I feel lighter and happier. Our quality of life has improved so vastly. And Rob has never smiled as big as he does when he drives this tractor:
Farm Fresh Friday

We’re starting to have regular weekly orders from local natural food stores, so we’ve been harvesting a lot! Our lettuce is looking so beautiful. Before coming to the farm, I never really considered the aesthetic qualities of lettuce, but it’s hard to deny the beauty of this red and green butterhead.
Farm Fresh Friday Farm Fresh Friday
Farm Fresh Friday

Rob finished Clare’s amazing “pallet” playhouse. I put pallet in quotes because it definitely doesn’t look like it was built from pallets. It’s an adorable little cabin! Clare absolutely loves it. Like, she freaked out when she saw it. I’ll be revealing it on the blog very soon.

Since we’re about 20 minutes from town, it’s easy to start feeling a little bit isolated on the farm, so we’ve been making a real effort to get involved in the local community. Today we visited the amazing local library and took Clare to the spring festival in the park. It was really fun!
Farm Fresh Friday

They had a bounce house. (With her hemiplegia, it was hard for Clare to stand up in it, but she loved bouncing around on her knees!)
Farm Fresh Friday Farm Fresh Friday

A fun little tractor train. Clare loved “driving” it around the park.
Farm Fresh Friday 025

And an Easter egg hunt, which we unfortunately had to skip because it started pouring down rain. We used the rain as an excuse to grab some lunch.
Farm Fresh Friday

When we got back from town, Calvin and Bradi had a very fun surprise waiting for us in the house. Baby chicks! Just in time for Easter.
Farm Fresh Friday

This was truly a dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted chickens. I can’t wait for fresh eggs!
Farm Fresh Friday

Anyone have any tips for raising chickens?

7 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Friday #7

  1. I am so happy for you guys and insanely jealous at the same time!

  2. How cool are those chicks?!?! My husband and I were driving around neighborhoods yesterday, and we drove by one house with enough land that we could raise chickens and goats. My heart skipped a beat.

  3. AWW they are adorable! :) Looks like alot of fun!

  4. Everyone looks so gosh darn happy. The lettuce looks like a painting.

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